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  • Lauryn's Christmas Sugar Cookie Truffles

    Christmas Sugar Cookie Truffles


    -12 Sugar Cookies (2-3 inches in diameter)
    -3 Tablespoons (room temp. Cream Cheese
    -2 Cups White Chocolate (for melting, or candy melts)

    -Sprinkles for decoration


    1. Place sugar cookies in a food processor and process until cookies turn
    into fine crumbs. Add cream cheese and process again until well-
    combined and mixture can be pressed into a ball, 1 to 2 minutes.
    2. Shape cookies into balls about 1-inch to 1 1/2-inches in diameter. Place
    on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and place in the freezer for
    15 minutes or the refrigerator for 1 hour.
    3. In medium bowl, melt white chocolate according to instructions.
    4. Remove the cookie balls from refrigerator. Using a spoon or two forks, dip
    and roll chilled cookie balls, one at a time, in coating. Return to lined
    cookie sheet and immediately top with sprinkles. Repeat process for
    remaining cookie balls. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to
    a week.

  • Revive's Guide to Glamping

    What is glamping? Glamorous camping.

    Here are Revive's must needs while glamping. 

    Dry Shampoo– Aveda Dry Shampoo ($30) is the perfect fix for that second (or third) day hair. Use in the morning, or throughout the day. No one will even know that you spent last night sleeping on a half deflated air mattress in the woods.

    Dry ConditionerAveda Thermal Dry Conditioner  ($31) Yes, dry conditioner! This product is great for multiple day hair. Just spray into mid strands and ends and your hair will look fresh again!

    Skin Protection—Look flawless while protecting your skin from the sun with Aveda’s Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture ($30). With SPF 15 and a pocket sized container, it’s perfect for tossing in your backpack, or fanny pack, for that sunny afternoon hike. Don’t forget your Lip Saver ($8.50) to seal in moisture and protect against those sun rays! 

    Hair Protection- Sun Care Protective Hair Veil ($29) -  A lightweight, water-resistant UV defense mist that forms an invisible screen to help protect hair from sun exposure to minimize damage and dryness. 

    These are just a few of our favorite things while glamping! Stop in and pick up yours today! 

    - Christina

    Stylist at Revive

  • Shellac Mani vs. Regular Mani

    by Jessica Rank

    The number one question we receive about nails is what is the difference between a Shellac Manicure and a regular Manicure?

    Shellac manicures are longer lasting and a more durable choice. They are not as damaging to your nails compared to Acrylic manicures. Shellac is a mix between regular nail polish and a gel polish. The polish is cured under a LED light where it dries instantly! The Shellac polish even helps your nails grow because it creates a thicker base on your nails.

    Shellac benefits everyone; whether you are getting ready for a special event, vacation or just bi-weekly maintenance. Shellac polish keeps its sine and lasts atleast two weeks, sometimes longer! The only down fall is that it grows out with the nail. If not properly removed, you can potentially damage the nail bed by picking or peeling it off.

    Regular manicures last anywhere from a day to about three days without chipping. Unless you are very careful with your hands, have a maid or you only want the color to last you the weekend, regular manicures would not be beneficial for you. Compared to using the Shellac polish, where you can instantly walk out to your car and go as soon as your nails are finished, if you were to do this with regular polish, you could accidentally nick your nail on your door handle (even after sitting to dry for 10+ minutes) and your mani is instantly ruined. Whether your hands are constantly submerged in water, your busy taking care of your family or you spend a lot of time in the garden, whatever it is, you are more at risk to chip your nails with regular nail polish! 

    All in all, Shellac Manicures are the way to go! We offer a variety of colors to choose from and you can mix and match to create your own colors.


    Jessica at Revive Salon

  • Damaged Hair -- I care!

    Damaged hair - I care

    Jessica Rank

    Ever wonder what makes your hair damaged? Is it that heavy purse that is always on your right shoulder pulling your hair, causing it to break? Is it breaking because you go to bed with your hair wet, tie it into a messy bun? Is it because you don't wear a hat when your out in the sun/ swimming in a pool? Or is it everytime you remove a pony tail a clump of hair is tangled up in your hair tie?

    There are many reasons why our hair is damaged. 

    Luckily there are many lifestyle changes we can do to help prevent breakage. 

    Replace your pillow case with a silk or satin pillow case 

    Our hair tends to pull and drag more on regular pillow cases so invest in a satin pillow case for a lower cost or a higher end silk pillow case. Both work great! I listest a couple places to find them!

     Silk pillow case found here

    Satin pillow case found here 

    Now that pesky purse of ours that always sits on our right shoulder (or your left)

    I have made it a point to always lift my hair away from my strap now subconsciously remembering that I need to move my hair from underneath the strap so it isn't tugging and pulling my hair! Make it a habit.

    Nothing's worse than having to wash your hair let alone drying it. The problem with going to bed with wet hair is our hair has % more elasticity when it's wet vs. dry hair has % elasticity making it way for our hair to stretch pull and break as we are sleeping with wet hair. Try to was hair earlier in the night so it is dry before bed or if you must get a soft headband to keep pulled away at night vs using a binder this way you don't wake up with a rats nest in the morning and this way we won't pull out all that hair!

    This two in one soft head band is great for sleeping in and washing your face

    It's almost summer time here in Minnesota, which means more days in the sun and on the lake. We can visibly see what the sun does to our skin if we don't wear sunscreen. Now imagine what happens when we don't protect our hair! A couple tips for summer -

    That floppy hat you always wanted to rock found here

    These amazing hair ties to keep your hair from blowing in the wind

    Sun care hair care found at Revive Salon!

    Last but not least hot tools (curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer etc.)

    Turn down the tempeture and use a thermal heat spray like the New Aveda Shampure Thermal Conditioning spray or the Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair that adds  up to 425 degrees of protectant and protein to help strengthen your hair!

    Hope this helps 😊

    Xo Jessica at Revive Salon

  • Catwalk for Water 2017

    Catwalk for Water 2017

    Christina Luger

    What is Catwalk for Water? 

    Catwalk for Water is an annual green carpet event during which local Aveda salons come together to raise money for Earth Month by showcasing their inspirations, creativity and technical skills in hair, makeup and fashion. Using the earth as their muse, design teams create a comprehensive look that celebrates beauty, fashion and Aveda's mission to care for the world we live in. 

    This years event took place on Sunday, April 30th at the Minneapolis Aveda Institute. The event features a live DJ, games, delicious food from our very own massage therapist, Marisa's food truck, Up in Smoke Catering, (check them out HERE) silent and live auctions and of course the fashion show! 

    Here are some of the looks from the evening: 

    #3 was the winner! They won their way to New York Fashion Week! 

    We had so much fun attending this year! 

    Funds raised go to Aveda's local Earth Month partner, Audubon Minnesota, to support clean water conservation work in Minnesota! It is a unique partnership fueled by a common passion for clean water. Aveda and Audubon care deeply about the importance of clean water for the world we live in.

    Aveda’s passion stems from its belief that “there is no responsible alternative to doing business other than through the pursuit of environmental sustainability.” Audubon’s passion stems from its mission “to protect birds and their habitat for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biodiversity.” Clean water is fundamental to both organizations. Our partnership is devoted to ensuring that clean water is a right for all and that resources are directed at guaranteeing this right to all living creatures.

    More than most states, Minnesota and Iowa have water resources of national and international, significance. Yet there are troubling signs regarding these freshwater resources. In Minnesota, 40% of the state water tested is considered “impaired.” Rivers and streams carry high levels of sediments, phosphorous and nitrogen. These drain to the Gulf of Mexico where they contribute to creating a 5,000 square mile “dead zone” of oxygen-starved waters.

    The trends and threats to our life-giving waters are real and troubling. By engaging people, Audubon is working to address these threats using birds as symbols for explaining why clean water matters. Be a water warrior and get involved in clean water efforts in your community!

    How does Audubon protect clean water in Minnesota and Iowa?

    Audubon Minnesota’s approach to protect and enhance clean water employs three strategies: Conservation, Advocacy, and Outreach and Education. In each endeavor, working to engage people is a hallmark of Audubon’s approach.

    • Conservation: Our conservation work for clean water includes managing and restoring floodplain and bluffland habitats along the Mississippi River and working with landowners to develop conservation plans for their properties to improve habitat conditions and water quality.
    • Advocacy: Promoting activities that will improve water quality often go beyond individual practices and are driven by decisions made at the state legislature, within agencies, or in Congress. Audubon organizes grassroots citizen action to press for appropriate outcomes. Wetland protection and restoration is one such issue as wetlands are nature’s filter for polluted waters.
    • Education: Audubon’s clean water educational efforts are designed to move people from awareness to personal action. Our audiences include school children living near the Mississippi River, farmers growing crops near streams, landowners in bottomland forests, personal contacts with the general public attending conservation-related special events, and messaging to the public with outreach materials suggesting how anyone can make a difference.
    • Quoted from

    We can't wait to see what's in store for next year! If you are interested in joining us next year, please let a team member know!

    Christina Luger


  • The Importance of a Double Cleanse

    The Importance of a Double Cleanse
    Jennifer MacDonald

    Yes, I said DOUBLE cleanse.  It may seem like overkill but trust me, you need a double cleanse in your life.  Cleansing is the fundamental step of all your skin care routine.  Skip this one and you won't get any results.  If you're going to go on this 10-step routine and make your skin care a priority, this is where you'll start.  

    It used to be that we would just pick up any old cleanser and use it maybe when we needed to clean off our makeup and that was it.  EEEK!  Or dare I say, we grabbed the ..... gulp...... bar soap! ( that was painful to say )  By now I hope that we know better than that.  If not, its ok!  I am going to point you in the right direction.  By reading this blog, I hope that you will come out of it with a little more knowledge and the right tools for the job.  

    Now there are so many options out there, that promise amazing results, that we don't even know where to start!  Many promise clear skin, fewer wrinkles and brighter skin.  Sure, the thought of clearer brighter skin from a bottle sounds promising but what if I told youth that it took more than just slapping on a cleanser with false promises?  It takes routine and dedication to your skin to see the results you want.  Too often we see our skin as the enemy.  We battle the issues instead of treating them and preventing them in the first place.  I know how you might feel,  I grew up with horrible chronic cystic acne and I always reached for the acne cleansers to kill the acne instead of treat my skin.  I even went so far as to use the popular acne line that will not be named.  ( you know what I'm talking about! ).  None of it worked because I was just cleansing with the stuff and expecting a miracle.  There was no other steps after that.  I was too lazy to do anything but that.  And then I would use makeup to cover up whatever was still left over.  Raise your hand if you were in that same boat.  Cleanser alone will never clean off all your makeup.  It will only take off the top layer of dirt and makeup.  This is where a double cleanse can save you.  

    The first step is an oil cleanse.  What this will do is break down the natural and product oils that may be on the skin.  Oil attracts oil right? So if you start with an oil, not only will it break down the makeup or leftover products, it will attract excess oil from your skin and those products.  This way what your left with is any remaining dirt and makeup.  Simply massage your oil of choice ( I love the AVEDA's beautifying oil!  It smells great and makes for a great eye makeup remover ) into your skin.  No need to wet your face first.  Massage the oil in upward outward motions until you feel that you have sufficiently broken up whatever is on your face.  Next, massage cool water into your skin and rinse until its all gone.  Whatever is left is an easy clean for your second cleanse, the water based cleanse.

    With your water based cleanse, you're going to wet your face and dispense a dime to nickel sized amount of your cleanser ( my choice is the Botanical Kinetics Crème cleanser. Perfect for all skin types and doesn't strip your skins natural moisture. ) into your hand and then massage into your skin.  Use small circular motions starting at your chin and working your way up.  Use cool water to rinse off and then pat dry with a towel.  Your skin should never feel tight or dry after cleansing.  You shouldn't physically notice your skin at all.  Don't forget to follow up with your toner, serums, moisturizer and SPF.  

    By using a double cleanse you'll notice that your skin will be significantly brighter and clearer.  I have completely cured my cystic acne and hormonal breakouts by adopting a double cleanse morning AND night. ( the other steps in the 10-step routine have helped as well but I feel that the real change came after I learned how to properly cleanse my skin. )  It is vital to cleanse your skin properly both when you wake up and before you go to sleep.  Making your skin a priority is beneficial for so many reasons.  In this day and age, we don't spend much time on a routine.  It seems that we don't have enough time for things like this.  I think that is something that can easily be changed.  Give yourself an extra couple of minutes each morning and night and see the results for yourself.  

    Remember that you can always come in to see me for a skin care consultation to get yourself on the right track.  I hope this has helped to educate you on the importance of a double cleanse and that you find the right way to use this for yourself :). 


  • Save Water, Wash Your Hair Less

    How to get away with second or third day hair!

    Jessica Rank

    Do you ever hear people say they haven't washed their hair for a period of time and you think to your self... "How does your hair look that great without washing it? Mine gets too oily or it doesn't hold a curl..."


    Aveda has two wonderful products for second day hair! The first product is the Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo. It is non-aerosol powder mist that absorbs excess oil between shampoos. Retails at $31 and they also have a refill bottle for $26, so keep the top part! The second product is the Aveda Shampure Thermal Conditioning Spray. This product is brand new! Retails at $31. I absolutely love this product! At first I thought I didn't need any more moisture to my hair because it was already greasy. Little did I know it left my hair silky smooth with the added benefit of the thermal protection. This way I can curl my hair second or third day and not worry about additional thermal damage to my hair!   


    How to apply the products to your hair

    1. Brush your hair to the desired part

    2. Apply the Aveda Dry Shampoo to your part, the sides and the crown of your head. (The application can be tricky at first tip: place your thumb over the hole and turn the bottle up side down, this locks in the powder in the spraying chamber then squeeze to the desired area)

    3. I like to brush this product through, especially if you have darker hair. It can leave a lighter tone if you don't brush it after you apply the product.

    4. Now spray the Aveda Thermal conditioner on the mids to ends of your hair (you can even section your hair in two parts to evenly disperse the product.)

    5. Brush the conditioner through - instantly adds shine and takes away  fly aways. 

    6. Optional - finish your style with a flat iron, curling iron or hot curlers for your desired look or simply just pull back into a pony tail!

    There you have it! Second day hair with little to no effort of washing and drying!
    Jessica Rank
    Revive salon