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  • If I were stranded on an Island...

    You’ve probably thought of some version of “what three things would I bring with me if I was stranded on a desert island “. Whether it’s books, people or music. You have to choose your favorites to get you through. 

    Now let’s pretend your stranded in, oh I don’t know, Portland. You only have room for for three of your absolute favorite Aveda products. What do you choose?

    Here are my top three:

    1. Aveda Universal Styling Creme: I have naturally curly hair and this product has been a life saver. When I use it for a blow out, my hair is soft, smooth and shiny (thanks jojoba oil!) and smells AH-MAZING.                                       image1.jpeg
    2. Air control hairspray: This hairspray is the holy grail of versatility. Buildable hold? Check. Working spray? Check. Light moveable hold? Check. 

    air control<span class="trade">&trade;</span> light hold hair spray

    3.Hand relief: This thick creme relieves my dry cracked hands. I have eczema, and my hands take a beating from being in water and drying so often. I lather my hands up at night and the creme works it’s magic as I sleep. I especially love the limited edition Shampute scent. 

    hand relief<span class="trade">&trade;</span> moisturizing creme

    There you have it! My top three favorites. What are yours? I’d love to hear!