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  • Prom 2018 Do's + Don'ts

    Prom is less than 9 weeks away and less for some! Here are some simple do's and don'ts for prom 2018. 

    Do purchase your dress in advance. Purchasing in the late winter months is a great idea because when May comes around, no one will have your dress! You also wont be running around like crazy finding the perfect dress. 

    DON'T try anything new the day before. If you are really into having amazing lash extentions get them done 2-3 weeks prior to your big day. This way you can see how they feel. Another tip get a spray tan more than 1 day in advanced especially if you have never had one done before. Plan accordingly and try anything new a few days/weeks in advanced 

    Do go glam! Do something you have never done before weather its a new hair style or a fun make up application. This is your time to live it up, so why not go out with a BANG. 

    DO go to your hair and makeup appointment prepared. Make sure to have a button up on + a clean face. Don't forget photos to show your stylist and make up artist just what your vision is! 

    DON'T over do it. You want to be glam but don't go full on. You will want to stick to one or two trends but keep the rest timeless. You won't regret looking back at your insta 10 years from now. 

    Do have a plan. Make sure you go off your checklist and plan accordingly. 

    DON'T forget to have a good time + take lots of pics!!!

    Cheers! Jessica