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  • 2018 Spring Hair Trends

    Headbands have been seen everywhere on the runway this season! We haven't seen them in a while but they are a great way to dress up any hair style! Pink Pewter Headbands - these headbands are beautiful and never loose their stretch. If your feeling crafty, you could stop by a local craft store and pick up a roll of velvet ribbon! Velvet is all the rage this season!

    The sleek/ wet look has made its way back into the styling trends. To acheive this look you will need Aveda Confixor

    Relaxed curls / natural curls is the newest style for 2018. We thought 2017 had the most relaxed curls we have ever seen but we were wrong! Try using the Aveda Texture Tonic

    On the otherside of the spectrom some of the hair cuts we are seeing this year are very 'short' bobs, the revamped 'bowl' cut and natural lengths. I am sensing a 60's vibe making its come back!!! 

    Cheers to 2018!