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  • Fresh Skin for a Fresh Year

    Welcome Beauty Blogger Readers & Cheers to 2018! 

    Today on the blog I wanted to share some tips and tricks to keeping your skin free of acne. I will be sharing some tips and tricks as well as why you may break out in certain areas over others! 

    Forehead - Do you use alot of dry shampoo? Wear a hat? These may be a couple of reasons why you get acne on your forehead. This is also an area where you 'wear' your stress. Try to avoid potato chips + candy. Your forehead is linked to your digestive system so what you eat wears on your face and when your stressed, that also shows!

    Nose - your nose is connected to your heart. When you notice blemishes, you may need to reduce your spicy food's intake. Also check your make up expiration dates. This area of your face has a lot of dilated pores and makes it more likely to have things 'sit' in your pores making you break out more. Good foods to help this area are good fats such as avacado, fish oil + flaxseed.

    Between Brows - Typically the first area to show if you have a food allergy such as lactose. 

    Cheeks - When was your phone last cleaned? When was the last time you washed your make-up brushes? Some may answer, "I can't remember" and others might say, " I have never washed them before." All in all, it is safe to say they could use a cleaning. 

    Chin + Jaw line - Hormonal imbalance aka PMS or the time of the month. The best way to decrease these blemishes is geting a good night of sleep. Drink lots of water. Eating leafy veggies and keeping your skin clean. 

    Below I have listed a couple of my favorite skin care regiments 

    Step 1. Wash your face

    Step 2. Dry brush your face and apply the Aveda Oleation Oil

    Step 3. Apply Calm, Bright or Firm Aveda Concentrate to your skin

    Step 4. Apply BK Soft Creme or BK Rich Creme to your skin

    Step 5. Apply Avedas Tinted mosturizer with your desired color

    Step 6. For extra dryness this winter apply the Aveda Beautifying Oil to skin at night 

    Aveda Skin Care Found Here

    Cheers to a New Year + New Skin! 

    - Jessica