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  • Shellac Mani vs. Regular Mani

    by Jessica Rank

    The number one question we receive about nails is what is the difference between a Shellac Manicure and a regular Manicure?

    Shellac manicures are longer lasting and a more durable choice. They are not as damaging to your nails compared to Acrylic manicures. Shellac is a mix between regular nail polish and a gel polish. The polish is cured under a LED light where it dries instantly! The Shellac polish even helps your nails grow because it creates a thicker base on your nails.

    Shellac benefits everyone; whether you are getting ready for a special event, vacation or just bi-weekly maintenance. Shellac polish keeps its sine and lasts atleast two weeks, sometimes longer! The only down fall is that it grows out with the nail. If not properly removed, you can potentially damage the nail bed by picking or peeling it off.

    Regular manicures last anywhere from a day to about three days without chipping. Unless you are very careful with your hands, have a maid or you only want the color to last you the weekend, regular manicures would not be beneficial for you. Compared to using the Shellac polish, where you can instantly walk out to your car and go as soon as your nails are finished, if you were to do this with regular polish, you could accidentally nick your nail on your door handle (even after sitting to dry for 10+ minutes) and your mani is instantly ruined. Whether your hands are constantly submerged in water, your busy taking care of your family or you spend a lot of time in the garden, whatever it is, you are more at risk to chip your nails with regular nail polish! 

    All in all, Shellac Manicures are the way to go! We offer a variety of colors to choose from and you can mix and match to create your own colors.


    Jessica at Revive Salon