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  • Damaged Hair -- I care!

    Damaged hair - I care

    Jessica Rank

    Ever wonder what makes your hair damaged? Is it that heavy purse that is always on your right shoulder pulling your hair, causing it to break? Is it breaking because you go to bed with your hair wet, tie it into a messy bun? Is it because you don't wear a hat when your out in the sun/ swimming in a pool? Or is it everytime you remove a pony tail a clump of hair is tangled up in your hair tie?

    There are many reasons why our hair is damaged. 

    Luckily there are many lifestyle changes we can do to help prevent breakage. 

    Replace your pillow case with a silk or satin pillow case 

    Our hair tends to pull and drag more on regular pillow cases so invest in a satin pillow case for a lower cost or a higher end silk pillow case. Both work great! I listest a couple places to find them!

     Silk pillow case found here

    Satin pillow case found here 

    Now that pesky purse of ours that always sits on our right shoulder (or your left)

    I have made it a point to always lift my hair away from my strap now subconsciously remembering that I need to move my hair from underneath the strap so it isn't tugging and pulling my hair! Make it a habit.

    Nothing's worse than having to wash your hair let alone drying it. The problem with going to bed with wet hair is our hair has % more elasticity when it's wet vs. dry hair has % elasticity making it way for our hair to stretch pull and break as we are sleeping with wet hair. Try to was hair earlier in the night so it is dry before bed or if you must get a soft headband to keep pulled away at night vs using a binder this way you don't wake up with a rats nest in the morning and this way we won't pull out all that hair!

    This two in one soft head band is great for sleeping in and washing your face

    It's almost summer time here in Minnesota, which means more days in the sun and on the lake. We can visibly see what the sun does to our skin if we don't wear sunscreen. Now imagine what happens when we don't protect our hair! A couple tips for summer -

    That floppy hat you always wanted to rock found here

    These amazing hair ties to keep your hair from blowing in the wind

    Sun care hair care found at Revive Salon!

    Last but not least hot tools (curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer etc.)

    Turn down the tempeture and use a thermal heat spray like the New Aveda Shampure Thermal Conditioning spray or the Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair that adds  up to 425 degrees of protectant and protein to help strengthen your hair!

    Hope this helps 😊

    Xo Jessica at Revive Salon