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  • The Importance of a Double Cleanse

    The Importance of a Double Cleanse
    Jennifer MacDonald

    Yes, I said DOUBLE cleanse.  It may seem like overkill but trust me, you need a double cleanse in your life.  Cleansing is the fundamental step of all your skin care routine.  Skip this one and you won't get any results.  If you're going to go on this 10-step routine and make your skin care a priority, this is where you'll start.  

    It used to be that we would just pick up any old cleanser and use it maybe when we needed to clean off our makeup and that was it.  EEEK!  Or dare I say, we grabbed the ..... gulp...... bar soap! ( that was painful to say )  By now I hope that we know better than that.  If not, its ok!  I am going to point you in the right direction.  By reading this blog, I hope that you will come out of it with a little more knowledge and the right tools for the job.  

    Now there are so many options out there, that promise amazing results, that we don't even know where to start!  Many promise clear skin, fewer wrinkles and brighter skin.  Sure, the thought of clearer brighter skin from a bottle sounds promising but what if I told youth that it took more than just slapping on a cleanser with false promises?  It takes routine and dedication to your skin to see the results you want.  Too often we see our skin as the enemy.  We battle the issues instead of treating them and preventing them in the first place.  I know how you might feel,  I grew up with horrible chronic cystic acne and I always reached for the acne cleansers to kill the acne instead of treat my skin.  I even went so far as to use the popular acne line that will not be named.  ( you know what I'm talking about! ).  None of it worked because I was just cleansing with the stuff and expecting a miracle.  There was no other steps after that.  I was too lazy to do anything but that.  And then I would use makeup to cover up whatever was still left over.  Raise your hand if you were in that same boat.  Cleanser alone will never clean off all your makeup.  It will only take off the top layer of dirt and makeup.  This is where a double cleanse can save you.  

    The first step is an oil cleanse.  What this will do is break down the natural and product oils that may be on the skin.  Oil attracts oil right? So if you start with an oil, not only will it break down the makeup or leftover products, it will attract excess oil from your skin and those products.  This way what your left with is any remaining dirt and makeup.  Simply massage your oil of choice ( I love the AVEDA's beautifying oil!  It smells great and makes for a great eye makeup remover ) into your skin.  No need to wet your face first.  Massage the oil in upward outward motions until you feel that you have sufficiently broken up whatever is on your face.  Next, massage cool water into your skin and rinse until its all gone.  Whatever is left is an easy clean for your second cleanse, the water based cleanse.

    With your water based cleanse, you're going to wet your face and dispense a dime to nickel sized amount of your cleanser ( my choice is the Botanical Kinetics Crème cleanser. Perfect for all skin types and doesn't strip your skins natural moisture. ) into your hand and then massage into your skin.  Use small circular motions starting at your chin and working your way up.  Use cool water to rinse off and then pat dry with a towel.  Your skin should never feel tight or dry after cleansing.  You shouldn't physically notice your skin at all.  Don't forget to follow up with your toner, serums, moisturizer and SPF.  

    By using a double cleanse you'll notice that your skin will be significantly brighter and clearer.  I have completely cured my cystic acne and hormonal breakouts by adopting a double cleanse morning AND night. ( the other steps in the 10-step routine have helped as well but I feel that the real change came after I learned how to properly cleanse my skin. )  It is vital to cleanse your skin properly both when you wake up and before you go to sleep.  Making your skin a priority is beneficial for so many reasons.  In this day and age, we don't spend much time on a routine.  It seems that we don't have enough time for things like this.  I think that is something that can easily be changed.  Give yourself an extra couple of minutes each morning and night and see the results for yourself.  

    Remember that you can always come in to see me for a skin care consultation to get yourself on the right track.  I hope this has helped to educate you on the importance of a double cleanse and that you find the right way to use this for yourself :).