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  • Save Water, Wash Your Hair Less

    How to get away with second or third day hair!

    Jessica Rank

    Do you ever hear people say they haven't washed their hair for a period of time and you think to your self... "How does your hair look that great without washing it? Mine gets too oily or it doesn't hold a curl..."


    Aveda has two wonderful products for second day hair! The first product is the Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo. It is non-aerosol powder mist that absorbs excess oil between shampoos. Retails at $31 and they also have a refill bottle for $26, so keep the top part! The second product is the Aveda Shampure Thermal Conditioning Spray. This product is brand new! Retails at $31. I absolutely love this product! At first I thought I didn't need any more moisture to my hair because it was already greasy. Little did I know it left my hair silky smooth with the added benefit of the thermal protection. This way I can curl my hair second or third day and not worry about additional thermal damage to my hair!   


    How to apply the products to your hair

    1. Brush your hair to the desired part

    2. Apply the Aveda Dry Shampoo to your part, the sides and the crown of your head. (The application can be tricky at first tip: place your thumb over the hole and turn the bottle up side down, this locks in the powder in the spraying chamber then squeeze to the desired area)

    3. I like to brush this product through, especially if you have darker hair. It can leave a lighter tone if you don't brush it after you apply the product.

    4. Now spray the Aveda Thermal conditioner on the mids to ends of your hair (you can even section your hair in two parts to evenly disperse the product.)

    5. Brush the conditioner through - instantly adds shine and takes away  fly aways. 

    6. Optional - finish your style with a flat iron, curling iron or hot curlers for your desired look or simply just pull back into a pony tail!

    There you have it! Second day hair with little to no effort of washing and drying!
    Jessica Rank
    Revive salon